Wednesday, April 2, 2014

2014 A-Z Blogging Challenge……….2nd of 26 Pet Peeves

My Pet Peeve for the Letter B
B is for  Boredom
When people are constantly complaining that they are bored and yet they do nothing to make excitement in their lives is yet another Pet Peeve of mine. I know a few people that just sit around and complain about life and how bored they are. The young kids today are a good example. If they have completed the last level on their hand held game console or if there is nothing good on TV, they hum and haw for hours about having nothing to do.
When I was a kid there were no electronic games or internet. We had a TV antenna that only gave us maybe 25 TV stations and that was on a good day. We played outside and went knocking on our friend’s door and then spent the entire day outside entertaining ourselves. It’s not just children that seem to find themselves being bored. I know of a few adults who constantly complain about having nothing to do and I am not sure why. If I have a quiet day to myself that is the best I can ask for.
Life is what you make it…If one refuses to use one’s will be boring.


Jessica Evelyn said...

Love it! It's so true. When I was little, my mom would kick me out of the house and I wasn't allowed to come back inside unless I was bleeding or dying.... or for a bathroom break.

Great post! Found you via A-Z :-)

jillianlisapearl said...

I chuckled when I read your theme. Pet peeves. I read A and C too, but since B is also a pet peeve of mine I decided to comment here.

When I was growing up we played outside all the time. When we were inside it was to read a book or do chores. You know what? I still love playing outside (bike rides, fishing, and playing with my dog) and reading. Ironically, I get bored playing the kind of games kids are so fond of these days.

Great theme, I'll be back to see what else you share.

thestorychanges said...

I also love your theme!

I agree completely - though sometimes I am also in need of reminding - I have the power to not be bored. This is a good read and a good reminder!

Found you via A to Z