Friday, April 4, 2014

2014 A-Z Blogging Challenge……….4th of 26 Pet Peeves

My Pet Peeve for the Letter D

D is for Dirty Dishes left in the sink.
I really don’t consider myself as being neurotic, but if there is one thing that totally gets me going is leaving dirty dishes in the sink. When I was a kid my older sister and I had the task of clearing the table after dinner and making sure the dishes were washed, dried and put away. I used to hate doing it but over the years it became the normal part of the after dinner chores. I guess that’s why it really gets to me when I see a sink load of dirty dishes that no one has even attempted to do. It’s even worse when the left-over food scrapes are not scraped into the trash can. I had instilled this in my kids as they grew up and now that they are off on their own that chore has reverted back to me. Even with big family and holiday dinners I cannot sit back and NOT do the dishes. I have to have a clean counter in order to be able to sit back and relax.
My sister in law is terrible when it comes to this so I asked her one night how she can manage to leave all the dishes this way. She just shrugged and said nothing so as soon as I had the chance I filled up her sink and did the dishes. I could not believe she just sat there and watched me as we chatted but I said nothing except the odd interruption when I would ask where things went.  After I was done, I sat down and smiled. She never said anything so neither did I. Now when I go over to visit I make sure I stay out of her kitchen and plop myself on her couch where I don’t have to see the mess in the kitchen!


Keebles said...

My co-workers are the world's worst about not cleaning up their dishes! It amazes the crap out of me how a building full of women can be so untidy! Who are they expecting is going to come along behind them and clean up their dirties? Do they think they will just disappear if they ignore them? But hey, they apparently can't change out an empty paper towel or toilet paper roll either, so I shouldn't expect much. And they wonder why I won't join in on potlucks...I see how these people keep their work environments, I can only imagine what their homes look like!!

laurenrandallsart said...

I first noticed your blog a few days ago and my only thought was "How can a person possibly have 26 pet peeves?"
Well... After reading the first four, I am wondering if I also have 26 pet peeves! All of these get on my nerves too!
The comment on this one is what prompted me to comment. We're big people now! Mom is not coming behind us to clean up our messes!
Get it together!
And I promise I will be stopping by all month to find out what other things get on my nerves that I never even realized.

Anna K. Stewart said...

Goodness. Are you by any chance my long-lost aunt? I didn't think I had a long-lost aunt...but your dish peeve sounds like my mother...and I know she doesn't write a blog. Lol!

That said, while I understand your issue...with YOUR dishes in YOUR sink...I would be highly offended (and this could be considered a peeve of mine had anyone dared to do it) if someone came into my home, commented and/or did the dishes in my sink, etc.

As far as I'm concerned, it is my business what I do with my dishes in my sink...and my decision whether they can wait an hour or two or a day or whatever.

No offense intended...just a different perspective.

Happy blogging...may have to check out some of your other peeves. Lol!